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  • Profile Profile Portrait of Jack Windsor Lewis Portrait of Jack Windsor Lewis black and white portrait

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    Jack Windsor Lewis

     on phonetic & other linguistic topics

    largely tho not exclusively on English

    amounting to over


    of Appreciations, Articles, Diagrams, Exercises, Reviews, Obituaries etc

    including over 500 occasional postings in my

    Click this last line to go to the most recent set of 'blogs'.
    At the end of this set you'll find all the back numbers in a group of 'archives' searchable as is the whole site. See below.
    My 'blogs' range from brief essays on serious phonetic topics and materials intended to be of interest to advanced users of English as an additional language to occasional items on relatively minor matters, questions of the moment etc.
    In these 'blogs' various more rational or convenient spellings are used deliberately experimentally
     so that any attempt at consistency wd be out of place.
    The explanations of any unfamiliar abbreviations encountered may be found at Section 1.
    Although no regular completely full updating of the content of these 'blogs' is attempted,
     various revisions are made from time to time. Minor ones will not be specified in the text.
     Comments are very welcome and may be quoted if likely to interest my readers.
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    Main Articles etc of Homepage

    1. Abbreviations and References

    2. Appreciations

      1. The Legacy of Daniel Jones
      2. Professor Wiktor Jassem's  English phonetic studies
      3. The Retirement of Emeritus Professor John C. Wells
      4. Roger Kingdon's contribution to phonetic studies
    3. English Language

      1. General American and General British Pronunciations
      2. HappYland Reconnoitred: the final -y sound

      3. Pre-Consonantal /r/ in General British Pronunciation
      4. How English is Really Pronounced
      5. Linking /r/ in the GB Pronunciation of English
      6. Twentieth-Century Changes in British Pronunciation
      7. Stressing Irregularities in English Place Names
      8. The General British "ash" vowel
      9. Some Variations in Spoken English
      10. Demonstrations of Phonetically Incomplete English
      11. English Accents: Some Brief Notes
    4. English as a Non-Native Language

      1. People Speaking: Study Materials for Users of Spoken English
      2. EFL Pronunciation Practice using Limericks
      3. Reduced Forms of English Words
      4. The Spellings of the English Phonemes
      5. Verb versus Non-Verb Homographs
      6. Weakform Words & Contractions for Advanced EFL Users
      7. English Pronunciation for Spanish Speakers
      8. The Model Accents
      9. Basics Revision
    5. Transcription Matters

      1. IPA vowel symbols for British English in Dictionaries (2003)
      2. British English in strict IPA transcription (1979)
      3. Early Symbolisations of GB Segmental Phonemes (2010)
      4. The Notation of the British English Segments (1972)
      5. The Undesirability of Length Marks in EFL Transcriptions (1975)
      6. Symbols for the GB vowel sounds (1975)
      7. New Phonetic Symbols in the ALD (1976)
      8. New Directions in Pronunciation Transcription (1978)
      9. Simplifying Our Transcription (1979)
      10. Phonetics in Advanced Learner's Dictionaries (2014)
    6. Forensic

      1. The Casebook of a Linguistic Forensic Consultant
      2. The Yorkshire Post 3rd December 1980
      3. The Yorkshire Ripper Hoax Tape
      4. The Yorkshire Ripper Hoax Letters
      5. The Yorkshire Ripper Hoaxer Finally Tracked Down
    7. Historical, Regional, Literary etc

      1. A. C. Gimson, JIPA and the m.f.
      2. The Authenticity of a Speech Attributed to Henry Irving
      3. British Non-Dialectal Accents
      4. General Central Northern Pronunciation of England
      5. Bront? or Brunty? What's in a Name?
      6. The Official IPA Vowel Diagram
      7. The Roots of Cardiff English
      8. Syntax and Lexis in Glamorgan English
    8. Intonation & Prosody

      1. Accentuation
      2. A Supplementary Note on Accentual versus Animation Stresses
      3. The Recognition of English Tones
      4. The Teaching of English Intonation
      5. English Melodics Beyond Basic Tones
      6. English Intonation Studies before 1973
    9. Not Simply English-Language

      1. A Notable Welsh Sound
      2. Vowel Systems: Diagrams in Colour 
      3. Languages & Language Groups
      4. Italian Words in English Speech
      5. Italian Names in English Speech
      6. A Remarkable Remark
    10. Obituaries

      1. David Abercrombie
      2. James Anthony
      3. John Baldwin
      4. Jack Carnochan
      5. J. C. Catford
      6. Beverley Collins
      7. Stanley Ellis
      8. Sinclair Eustace
      9. Eli Fischer-J?rgensen
      10. Beatrice Honikman
      11. W. E. Jones
      12. Peter Ladefoged
      13. Ernestina Landau
      14. Peter MacCarthy
      15. T. F. Mitchell
      16. J. D. O'Connor
      17. Harold Orton
      18. Julian Pring
      19. Eva Sivertsen
      20. John Trim
    11. Personal

      1. A Brief Curriculum Vitae & My Background
      2. List of Publications by JWL
      3. Letters to Newspapers
      4. The Retirement of JWL
      5. Some of my Chief Publications
    12. Reviews by JWL et al etc.

      1. Jones: English Pronouncing Dictionary (1997) for ELTJ
      2. Jones: English Pronouncing Dictionary (1997) for ZAA
      3. Wells, J.C.: Longman Pronunciation Dictionary (1990) for The Times
      4. Wells, J.C.: Longman Pronunciation Dictionary (1990) for ELTJ
      5. Upton et al.: Oxford Dictionary of Pronunciation (2001) for JIPA
      6. Baldwin & French: Forensic Phonetics (1990) for The Times
      7. Brazil et al.: Discourse Intonation and Language Teaching  (1980)
      8. Jassem: The Phonology of Modern English  (1987) for JIPA
      9. Anonymous review of JWL: Concise Pronouncing Dictionary in ELTJ(1973)
      10. JWL: Concise Pronouncing Dictionary by J.C. Wells in JIPA(1973)
      11. Olausson & Sangster: Oxford BBC Guide to Pronunciation (2006) in JIPA
      12. Wells, J.C.: Longman Pronunciation Dictionary. Third edition. (2008)
      13. Hornby, A. S.: Advanced Learner's Dictionary by A. C. Gimson (1974)
      14. JWL: Guide to English Pronunciation by W. E. Jones m.f. (1970)
      15. Ladefoged: Three Areas of Experimental Phonetics
      16. Cruttenden, Gimson: Pronunciation of English by JWL in JIPA Vol. 44 No. 3 (2014)
      17. Beverley Collins & Inger M. Mees: Practical Phonetics and Phonology
      18. Preface to JWL: A Guide to English Pronunciation (1969) by A.C. Gimson
      19. Review of JWL: A Guide to English Pronunciation (1969) by J.C. Wells in English Studies 1971
      20. Foreword to JWL: Concise Pronouncing Dictionary (1972) by A. C. Gimson
      21. K?keritz, Helge: Shakespeare’s Names (1959) in English Studies 1965
      22. Review of Hornby 1963 by JWL
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